Montag, 22. Juni 2009

21st of June 2009 - ... and more about Waste Containers

Even we are still very busy with our construction site Villa Manuk Bambu it was so great to see the children again. I decided before starting anything new we should finally finish the rubbish bin project.
The older boys had to make new ones and the younger kids had the job to give the garbage bins a nice outfit. With a few colors and some paint brushes the children let play their fantasies and had a lot of joy.

End of May/June

End of May till middle of June the kids (like our own children) were busy with examinations and school performances. Also I was a bit ill so we decided to stop for 4 weeks and we will make instead more seminars during the school holidays.

24th of May 2009 – Organic Vegetable and Waste Water Treatment Garden

On this day we had our Permaculture Meeting in Villa Manuk and the children from the Manuksesa Children Project were also joining for some time. I explained them the system of our Waste Water Treatment Garden and Gede from Pegasus farm explained them a few basics about organic farming, also to our staff of Villa Manuk. For more detailed information and pictures please see the minutes of the permaculture meeting from 24th of May 2009

3rd of May 2009 – Waste containers

In one of the last seminars the children realized by their own that they need to have rubbish bins in the village if they want a cleaner village. So I told to the older children to discuss by their own how many they think they need, from which material, which design. I offered rest material from our building site Villa Manuk Bambu to use for the waste containers. On this day they started to build the first two containers with the help of Made “Robot”, our “good soul” of Villa Manuk.

26th April 2009 – Seminar compost and collecting garbage

On this little seminar I taught the children on many examples at our building site "Villa Manuk Bambu" which materials can be recycled in Bali, which not.
Also we talked about how we make here in Villa Manuk our compost and what are the advantages of having a compost.

24th of April 2009 - Clean up organized by Rotary Club Bali Lovina

Because it is always good to support environmental projects and to train the staff we joined the clean up program organized by Rotary Club Bali Lovina.
We - that was Gede Radita, our senior waiter from Warung Bambu Pemaron, Gede Suar and Made Sarpe from Villa Manuk (the so called “twins”) and myself. We helped in guiding children-groups from different schools nearby to clean up the beach. Like always it was just amazing to see how motivated the kids are. Later there were some nice games and painting competitions so we could learn a lot how to organize an event like this.