Freitag, 24. April 2009

2nd Seminar on 22nd of March 2009

In this seminar the children brought other traditional healing plants which we identified and added them to our plant list.
Also I explained the children the last time that it is not necessary to grow the plants in new bought plastic pots or bags. It is better and cheaper to use old plastic pots/containers or use organic materiel like plaited palm leafs. So this time the children surprised me with organic pots: they planted the healing plants in decorated bamboos, coconut shells, plaited coconut leaf pots and plaited bamboo materials.
The homework till the next seminar is to collect more plants of Pinahong, Kaki Kuda, Sambiloto, Daun Dewa, Daun wungu.

Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

1st Seminar on 15th of March 2009

The aim of the next seminars is to interest the children in nature, especially in plants. For this we learn together the names of plants and talk about for what they can be used or what are their good qualities for the nature or for us human. With this knowledge we want to build up a small nursery, in the beginning for traditional healing plants and vegetables.

In the 1st meeting Beate gave the homework that every child should try to bring a plant for the 1st seminar. So on this meeting the children brought some plants and we made a plant identification. With this knowledge we generated a list, which I willupdate according what we learn in the seminars. Please contact me through our Villa Manuk Website if you would like to share this list.

Also we started a small experiment, that we will monitor the next months:
We filled two medium plastic bags with soil. In one of the bags with soil we placed in the middle of the soil some organic material like big thick leaves, in the other bag in the same position a small thin plastic bag.

Samstag, 18. April 2009

01. March 2009

We arranged our first meeting for the Manuksesa Children Project. All children who want to receive now or later help from sponsors came with at least one parent. Nyoman and Beate gave general information about the children project and explained the newsletter they sent to their friends and guests for fund raiser. Beate showed on the Laptop the Power Point Presentation about the project.

Regulations for the program:
• Honesty and cooperation on both sides
• Support from the parents
• Children have to join as much as possible the seminars to increase Environmental knowledge as well for better living condition
• Good tourism ethics
• Appreciate the special gift of getting support from sponsors
• Commitment of Nyoman and Beate to support this project without payment