Sonntag, 28. August 2011

4th of July 2011

Heike and Rolf - two German teachers - joined this seminar. We love to have question time with the guests and we were very astonished to hear from Heike and Rolf that their hobby is to "speak without words". So they introduced us to the world of sign language which was for all of us - inclusive myself - so interesting!

After the seminar Rolf - who instructs
also sports in Germany - and Marsini - a talented sportive girl from our children project - played together badminton.

Samstag, 27. August 2011

3rd of July 2011

After a break of 2 months (the children were learning for school examinations and we have been also very busy) we finally met again. We received a donation from our longtime friend Karin who asked her friends for money for our project instead of presents on her birthday. We received 3.550.000 IDR from her! As a little "thanks" we sung "our song" for her and also I bought again plastic garbage from the kids.

20th of March and 24th of April 2011

On this dates the children focused on collecting garbage in the village. On the 2nd date in April they made together with the staff of Villa Manuk and the head of the village Manuksesa a big CLEAN-UP. They collected on 24.04.11 98,5 kg plastic waste! Like always Villa Manuk bought the plastic waste for 1.000 IDR/kg and disposed it on the central waste disposal site.

30th of January and 6th of February 2011

Steve with the assistance of Luh Budi h0ld two other great English conversation seminars with the kids. They older one were writing stories and presented them in the course.