Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

24th of October 2010

There is a kindergarten in the neighbor village and some of the little kids in Manuksesa joining since June 2010. The Manuksesa Children Project sponsors these kindergarten-kids because it has - compared with elementary school - a higher entrance fee. We believe it is very important that the village children have the same opportunities like town kids to attend a kindergarten.
These little kids love to join our seminars, even they not always really understand what's going on :-).
We did our regularly program English conversation.

3rd of October 2010

As a special program we practiced some very basics of first aid. In the village it is for example not common to use a clinical thermometer to check if there is a serious infection or not. Also they seldom disinfect wounds which tends to result many times in skin infections. We also installed a simple first aid set in Villa Manuk and invited every child to use the disinfection, band-aid and others if needed.

We continued our program labeling plants with 3 other kids+plants.

5th of September 2010

Beside our lesson for English conversation we focused also on labeling plants in our gardens. The children chose the plants they wanted and with this program they learn about the plant names (English, Indonesian, Balinese and Botanical name), the family of the plants and also about the function and usage.

22nd of August 2010

Today we had another English lesson based on the VCD "English conversation for kids". I am always happy to see how the kids love to join this seminar.