Montag, 18. Mai 2009

3rd Seminar on 12th of April 2009

The children and I did an excursion around and through the village of Manuksesa. Two guests of Villa Manuk joined our trip. Provided with a digital camera I divided them in two groups – the “bad” and the “good”. The “bad ones” had to look for something they dislike or hate, the good ones for something which is good or what they love. And then I taught them how to use the camera.
In the beginning they were all shy but after a while every child loved to make pictures. So they took more than 60 pictures and we had a wonderful walk together. For me and the guests it was very interesting to learn how the children see their environment and I was pleasantly surprised about their knowledge. What was quiet different to our “western thinking” – all children saw dry leaves as garbage. I was happy when I could see how they love and respect clean water and a beautiful environment. They all know that it is not good to throw away garbage.

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