Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

14th of March 2010

Another Seminar with learning English. We follow the lessons of the "English for Beginners" VCD and I am happy how interested and motivated the kids are.
Also we do not stop to learn more about environment issues: I promised the children to buy their plastic garbage from their homes or what they collect on the street. 1.000 IRP for 1 kg plastics or "rest garbage" (= what is not possible to compost or to recycle)paid by Villa Manuk.
And I want the kids learn more about plants. So every child of the children project chose one plant in the Villa Manuk garden. I will provide the information of the plant name in English and the Botanical name and each kid is responsible for its plant to give it an information sign (made by our staff) and learn more about this plant.

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