Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

25th of July 2010

Plastic garbage is a big subject in Bali and of course also in the village and we want to learn the kids that it is not good to see plastic waste all over and that we have to do something against it. That's why we arrange regularly clean ups in Manuksesa. Also on this day and even the head of the "Dusun Manuksesa", Gede Surit, joined us. We split up in 3 groups - one group with Gede Surit, the 2nd group with our gardener Komang Arya and the 3rd group with me. Villa Manuk donated 150.000, 100.000 and 50.000 Rp for the prices and "my group" was number 1 in collecting plastic waste. On this day we collected around 30 kg plastic waste which was disposed later on an official waste dump. I was very proud that I could motivate children from the neighbour village to join our group. In the beginning they were very critical looking me picking up waste and were a bit laughing about it. But after a while 4 kids joined us and were not tired running around looking for waste near the creek, at the rice paddy walks, at the street, etc.
All kids got also some color markers or pencils which were donated by guests.

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