Sonntag, 13. September 2009

19th of July 2009

We finished in time our new buildings of Villa Manuk and now I can concentrate again on our wonderful children project.
Like I explained to the children in the last seminar, we bring the garbage program to "an end". That means we prepared the 4 garbage bins that the kids built and painted to place them in the village street. Some garbage bins have been already used and we cleaned them. Also we made a plan who will be responsible for the next months (till end of 2009) for collecting the garbage in the garbage bins.

We are happy that these two young men can enter now the high school - sponsered by the Manuksesa Children Project. From left - Gede Arta Yasa and Made Arista Merta. They just received the money for the school entrance fee and are very glad.
Luh Darmini got the information that she can join for free the high school in Sawan. The confirmation is still missing so we will see if she needs support from the Manuksesa Children Project or not. To learn more about the children please click here.

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