Freitag, 18. September 2009

30th of August - English and Painting

Our good friend Peter - a German teacher - will be for 4 weeks in North Bali. I asked him if he would love to help me in the project for some English teaching and he agreed. So first we split the groups. The smaller kids painted with me and the older ones learned with Peter. Later we changed the groups.
We are very happy that we received from very kind French guests some learning materials for children starting from 6 years till 12 years and older. I copied them and the kids could colour nice motives, also beautiful mandalas and train themselves to copy motives. I learned that they did not work with learning material like this before and they really liked it. Most of the kids brought the papers to do some homework.
Peter did a great job and made the children speaking with a simple game. "My name is... What is your name? I am a girl/boy. I like.../ I do not like. They had so much fun together and even the small kids were brave to talk English.

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