Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

11th of October 2009

In the last weeks we received many paintings and one evening we made an exhibition in our restaurant Warung Bambu Pemaron where the guests could give their votes. Also from a few days before some guests were interested and voted the paintings. It was quiet difficult to find a fair system for the votes, because children from 6 years till some adults (staff Villa Manuk) were joining. So we decided to write down on every painting the age of the painter and the guests had 5 votes each to choose their 5 best pictures in consideration of the painter’s age.
The winners were:
Made Suka Artawan, 12 years; Made Sandi Harta ,14 years; Komang Arya, 31 years; Ni Luh Ariwati, 14 years; Made Satiasa, 9 years.
Because only two winners were present, the three other prices were taken representative by their friends or family. 5 of the big presents (pencil cases) were gladly received. Some of the other pencils and pens from the donation of Uschi and Wolf were given in the last seminars for those who made great homework.

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