Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

8th of November 2009

Today I decided to interrupt the English course and to check instead the children’s teeth and explain them how to brush their teeth properly.
A few years ago I joined a social project during my time as GM in Gaia-Oasis. For a few weeks in 2006 the dental-hygienist Lina from Germany made a Caries prophylaxis and dental hygienic project with more than 500 children in Tejakula. And I joined many of these seminars and also checked hundreds of teeth at that time.

It saddened me to see also here in Manuksesa, that most of the children have big holes in their teeth, caries, etc. One front tooth of a teenage girl was in big parts destructed by caries. Due to the fact that the parents of the kids have no money they do not send them to the dentist and till now the village people have no access yet for free or cheap doctor treatment (we hope there will be soon a change).
So it is very important that the kids from beginning know how to clean their teeth.
For this seminar I bought for the smaller kids special children teeth brushes because in my experience they only get the big ones which are of course not appropriate for a children’s mouth. Also I bought some special children tooth paste so we could directly practice brushing teeth together.

All the children were very interested and hardly anybody of them did brush their teeth before correctly. Some of the smaller kids seemed very seldom to use a tooth brush, after we started to brush their teeth a few children’s gum directly started to bleed.
We all felt this was a very important and good seminar and hopefully we can follow up next time with somebody from the local health care.

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