Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

22nd of November 2009

I found some very good English conversation Learn CDs for children and we watched together this CD on my laptop. I stopped this program always after a few sentences and it was the first time the children were more motivated to communicate. They all loved it and looking forward for their next lesson. The children and I were very happy that on this meeting Beate Volkmer and her husband Guenther Luge joined, the co-founder of the Manuksesa Children Project.

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  1. Hi Beate,

    I am amazed at the things you do with the kids in Manuksesa, it is really extraordinary! I am in Sarinbuana at the moment and will do some english lessons to the kids of the village. You gave me some great ideas and a lot of inspiration.
    Thanks :) Elena
    PS Can't wait to visit Manuksesa and Pemaron again!!